Okay. I’m guilty of neglecting my blog and, by extension, you. But the fact is, I’m doing well so I’ve been busy off doing other things. Sorry. (No, not really.)

I recently spent nearly a week in London with some other amazing advocates from the US, UK, and Europe at a patient advisory panel and I’m going to have the opportunity to provide the patient’s voice to a much, much wider audience in the near future.

I’ve been working part-time and am about to take on a second client. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to keep my brain working and I get to interact with some amazingly bright, talented people. Plus it brings in a few bucks to supplement the bit of fixed income I get every month.

And in a month or so, hubby and I are going transatlantic on a cruise for 15 days winding up in Amsterdam where we’ll spend another few days before coming home.

Will spend my birthday in Amsterdam which is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities.

On the RA front, I’m doing pretty well. I’ve been on my current treatment for more than two years (I think that’s a record). I went off methotrexate last July and I’ve happily stayed off of it since then. I think I would actually feel better with the methotrexate and more frequent infusions, but I’m happier with less medication and I’m doing well. Today I walked more than a mile for the first time in ages.

I tell people that I’m doing well, for me, which is true. But with me, there is always something going on. We’re in watch mode for a spot on my mammogram and some marginal labs. But neither are interfering with how I feel and I’m not going to worry about them until I have something to worry about.

So I’m sorry I’ve neglected you but glad that there are good reasons. I hope you have good reasons to think about things other than RA as well. Thanks for checking in.