I wanted to pass along the following information from a fellow RA patient who happens to be working on a research project for graduate school. If you’d be willing to participate, please contact her directly:

I am currently working on a capstone project for graduate school on inflammatory and degenerative forms of arthritis. I am looking for candidates to interview for a research project and would be so grateful if you were willing to participate. It would consist of one main interview and follow up questions as I dig further into the project.

My target audience is anyone 18 to 40 years old with an inflammatory or degenerative type of arthritis and take a prescribed medication to help with their treatment plan. If you are interested or know anyone that would be interested to help or are simply curious as to what I’m working on please let me know. The best way to contact me is at this e-mail address: rbrand21@student.scad.edu.

Thanks for any help you can give her and thanks for checking in.