It’s not the years, it’s the moments …

When you look back on life, you realize it’s not the years you remember, it’s the moments: the first kiss, birth of child, death of a parent, a sudden moment of clarity. So I don’t want you to think that the cruise portion of the vacation was awful. When I look back, there are some moments that I will definitely remember with happiness. (And let’s face it, complaining about a luxurious, transatlantic cruise is truly a first-world problem and more than a bit petulant.)

But the crowning jewel of the 2019 trip was definitely the five days we spent in Amsterdam.


We first visited Amsterdam last year headed home after visiting Britain and Germany. (It was easier to fly home out of Amsterdam than Berlin and since we’d never visited, it seemed like a good idea.) Fell in love with the city and the fact that our cruise this year ended up in Amsterdam was a real plus for us. It gave us the opportunity to spend some time exploring the city. Amsterdam is a wonderful blend of old world charm with new world architecture and attitudes.

One of the great things about Amsterdam is its well-run, efficient, inexpensive public transit system. You can roam all over the city center as well as much of the outlying areas with little effort or expense. In addition, English is widely spoken in the city so it makes it easy to enjoy the city without struggling with either the language or transportation.

Our hotel, the Sir Adam, was modern, quirky, conveniently located across the canal from Centraal Station, and had a superb staff.

The crisp spring days in Amsterdam were wonderful, especially after the two weeks of stormy, rainy weather and rough seas on the cruise. It allowed us to really get out and explore the city and enjoy the great venues and food available.

I’m not going to exhaust this post with words — I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Let me just say, that the wonderful time we had in Amsterdam (including an amazing birthday dinner for me), balanced the scales for the entire trip.

(As before, you can click on these thumbnails to see a larger picture.)

The hotel

Great food in Amsterdam


That’s all folks …

The only thing I can add at this point is that my RA was well behaved throughout the trip — even during the rough seas and the many miles walking around on land. I’m grateful for many things about this vacation and that ranks right up there at the top.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the trip. There’s no way a few posts and pictures can do justice to all the wonderful things we experienced, but I’m glad you let me share them with you.

Thanks for checking in.