It’s taken a chronic illness for me to find my “tribe”, but boy are you guys great!

I hate that it’s taken me this long to write this post and say thank you to so many of you who reached out to me (with lots of love) when I felt like my world was going sideways. (In my defense, the tornados hit Dallas right afterward and I was without internet for a week, then — since I work from home — have scrambling to get caught up on client work. Excuses, excuses, excuses …)

Both Lori-Ann French Holbrook and Leslie “Wren” Vandever suggested that Remicade might be a good alternate therapy for me since Simponi Aria has quit working. I’d been on Remicade before (without effect), but Lori-Ann pointed out that the dose for PsA is much higher than RA. (I did not know that!) Since I have some skin involvement, my rheumatologist has agreed to try Remicade at the higher dose to see if it works. This just shows the power of community as well as how so many of the inflammatory diseases are connected. I get my first starter dose of Remicade today.

And when we can get together in person, magic happens. Many of you may have been already seen the great picture taken when Cathy Kramer and Molly Schreiber came to town to get an early start on Molly’s 40th birthday celebration. (There were a lot of social media posts going on that weekend!) You can’t see it very well in this

Cathy Kramer, Molly Schreiber, and me celebrating an early birthday with Molly.

picture, but Molly is wearing a wonderful 40th birthday tiara. I haven’t heard if she’s taken it off yet or is just wearing it all the way through her actual birthday in a couple of weeks. (I’d wear it all year …)

I’ve always said that I’m hard-pressed to say anything good about this disease EXCEPT that it has brought me into contact with some wonderful, wonderful people.

Thank you so much for being there when I needed you and thanks for checking in.