So I earlier whined, I mean posted, about my travails and you, my dear tribe, came through with some suggestions that Remicade at the higher PsA dose might be an answer.

Well (first) woohoo! My rheumatologist agreed and I went in just over a week ago for my first starter dose. They hit the vein the first time and things went swimmingly. I felt a bit down for a few days, but I could tell it was a stronger medicine than I was used to.

Then (second) boohoo! I had an allergic reaction to the Remicade. I got to spend last Saturday morning at the urgent care clinic and the rest of the weekend on antihistamines and steroids. I’m now off Remicade forever. (I started to post pictures of the rash, but even I’m grossed out by them …)

So I don’t know where we’re at, except that I’m just tired of it all. I spoke with my rheumatologist by phone and she was struggling to come up with an idea. I see her right after the first of the year and I’ve convinced her to let me just “exist” without additional treatment until then. By then my system should be more clear of the Remicade and I’ll have a chance to explore some options (and Medicare payments) as will she.

So I guess my holiday present is no RA drugs. (She wants me back on methotrexate, but at the rate my hair was falling out this time, I’m not sure that’s going to happen.) I need a break.

I have so much to be thankful for, and especially for the wonderful group of people I’ve met through this blog. Hoping your holidays (however you do or don’t celebrate them) bring you joy and that you are able to observe them in good health. Thanks for checking in.