Remember when I started whining about my knee/hip issues a couple of months ago (here: and it turned out that it was my left hip, not my knee that was the issue?

At that time, there was still a decent amount of cartilage in that left hip and the joint injection really helped. In the couple of months since then, things have taken a falling-off-a-cliff turn for the worse. Saw the ortho guy today and I’m bone-on-bone. Left hip replacement is scheduled for the end of January.

I was in so much pain that we had to rent a wheelchair while we were in Las Vegas for Christmas. If things had been refundable, we probably would have just cancelled for the first time in more than 20 years. Thought I could get along with a cane (which is really, really hard on my replaced shoulder), but not so.

So this makes my fifth replaced joint in 11 years — both shoulders, a knee, and the other hip.


I’ll keep you posted as things move along. Hope your holidays have (and will continue to be) joyful and pain-free. Thanks for checking in.