So what’s the opposite of whining? Is it un-whining or anti-whining or reverse/inverse whining? Whatever it is, that’s what I’m doing. After what seems like an endless stream of feel-sorry-for-me posts, I’m glad to be reporting good news. Not only NOT whining, but actually sharing some good news. I’ve had at least one medical appointment every day this week, so I’ve got lots of positive check marks.

  • I guess the main thing is recovery from hip replacement. I’m doing great. It’s not quite four weeks since the surgery and I’m driving, walking without a cane, running errands, cooking, etc. My main problem is that I tend to overdo (because I forget that I’m recovering from surgery) then wind up tired and sore at the end of the day. My follow-up appointment with the surgeon couldn’t have been better. My last home care physical therapy visit was three days ago and my doctor is even letting me forego outpatient physical therapy since I’m up and active, although he’s given me the option of adding it in later if I decide I need it. He previously replaced my other hip and a knee so he trusts me to manage my recovery well. So, yay! for that.
  • I also had my annual follow-up for my two shoulder replacements this week. Everything is looking great there and I’ve been released to five-year maintenance follow-ups. No appointments there until 2025!
  • My mammogram results (you can skip this part if you want …). Had my mammogram on Wednesday and the follow-up with the doc on Friday. We’ve been following a cyst on the left side for a few years now — even aspirated it once. I actually thought it was gone because I couldn’t feel it any more. However, it’s still there. The good news is that it’s still just a cyst — hasn’t decided to morph into anything worrisome and it is actually slightly smaller. So while I still have to have ultrasound with my mammogram and 3-D tomography, I only have to go in on an annual basis instead of every six months.
  • I guess the only fly in the ointment is that the pathology report on the hip didn’t show any evidence of RA. My rheumatologist and I were hoping that the report would provide some evidence of what is going on with me. Even though I’ve been on aggressive treatment since diagnosis (biologics +/- DMARDs), I’ve had five joints replaced and two spinal fusions — all while my labs come back completely normal. I’m not sure what to do and I’m not sure that she knows either.

So, overall doing really well. I have no doubt that all the support and love that you all have shared over these last few weeks has been a huge contributor to that. Thank you for that and thank you for checking in.