I feel like I’ve badly neglected my poor blog. There are good excuses for that, but they’re just that — excuses. The main one being the virus that seems to have brought our entire planet to a standstill. Excuses aside, I thought I might give you a quick update. I think it mirrors what a lot of us are going through at the moment.

I recently had two follow-up telehealth visits with interesting results. One was on Zoom and the other was via a real telehealth site with all the medical disclaimers. It’s apparent that everyone, including our doctors, are making this up as we go. One appointment was with my rheumatologist (more about that in a later post) and one was the followup for my hip replacement surgery. Both doctors were generally pleased, as I am.

So what’s the deal?

My rheumatologist wants me to have my three-month labs done and my orthopedic surgeon wants me to come in for the 90-day X-rays on my hip.

Uh, no.

The lab I use is in a large hospital complex (where my doctors are) and it’s one of the national labs doing a substantial amount of COVID19 testing. Even if I used one of their satellite locations (not in the hospital), they’re still doing the virus testing. My doctor recommended waiting until sometime in May, but it still makes me nervous. Ditto the hip X-ray. My doctor has his own X-ray department, but he’s located in the hospital complex. This hospital complex was ground zero for the Ebola outbreak a few years ago and is a major site for COVID19 treatment. I told them I might be in sometime in May or June (when I get my labs done so I only have to make one stop). I’ve also just postponed my dental and dermatology appointments that were scheduled for mid-May.

I’ve always tried to be a good patient, but at this point, the risks outweigh the benefits. I had great lab results in January and I’m having no issues whatsoever with my new hip. I just see no compelling reason to rush into what could be a smoldering cauldron of virus particles.

I’ve seen other friends post about going in for their infusions. THAT makes sense. My situation, not so much. For now I’m staying put.

Hope that you’re staying put and staying healthy. Thanks for checking in.