If you’re not aware of Creaky Joints, they’re one of my go-to places for trustworthy information on RA. They have an entire section about living with RA and dealing with the pandemic, including the most current info on the vaccines and a wealth of resources to answer questions and provide support. Link is below.

On a personal front, like many places, the demand in Dallas for the vaccine is outpacing the supply and there isn’t a lot of organization. We have a “provider map” for Texas that lists the places you can get the vaccine and how many doses of which vaccine(s) they’ve received. While neither my PCP or rheumatologist have received a supply, I was pleased that my local pharmacy has started receiving some of the Moderna vaccine. While I will get the vaccine, right now, I’m committed to staying put until things settle down. I’m not willing to go to the County Health Office, and the private suppliers are getting wiped out quickly. If you’re interested, I’ve put the link to the Texas availability map below as well.

I am hoping that you and yours continue to stay safe and healthy. Thanks for checking in.