For many RA and PsA patients (myself included) fatigue is a major complaint. I know that one of the first signs that a treatment plan was not working as well as it had been previously was the onset of worsening fatigue. Unfortunately, since you can’t measure fatigue with a lab test, doctors and other healthcare workers might note it on a chart but otherwise may be uncertain how to address this debilitating symptom. Fatigue, like pain, is often viewed as simply a patient’s opinion rather than a clinical finding.

FINALLY, the FDA has approved a label change for one of the prominent RA/PsA medications to include treatment for fatigue. Simponi Aria, an infused TNF-inhibitor manufactured by @Janssen achieved this approval on February 25. This not only recognizes fatigue as a valid manifestation of the disease, it actually approves a treatment for it. I have personal experience with Simponia Aria and can attest to greatly improved fatigue symptoms. An article with more details can be found here: https://www.healio.com/news/rheumatology/20210225/fda-expands-simponi-aria-labeling-to-include-fatigue-in-ra-psa

When dealing with chronic diseases, breakthroughs like this that can really improve the quality of life truly provide hope and evidence that we are making progress in the battle. I’m delighted to share this information with you. Thanks for checking in.