Yesterday my husband and I received our second #Moderna vax, right on schedule four weeks after we got our first round. Other than a sore arm for me, we’ve not (yet) had any adverse side effects. The cosmic coincidence that we got our injections on the day that Texas “opened 100%” and lifted all COVID/mask restrictions isn’t lost on me. It will be two weeks before we’re considered “fully vaccinated” meaning we’ve had time to form the required antibodies.

I don’t necessarily feel safer, but I’m a lot less stressed. Since we registered (in multiple places) it seems it was a daily ritual to check the news to see how many doses were coming in, checking to see if there were other places to register, wondering when we would get an appointment. After the first shot, it was a worry if we would get a second appointment within the four-week interval, if Dallas County/City injection locations would shift, if the process we went through last time would change this time, etc. (Okay, I’ll admit I’m a class-A control freak.) All those questions/stress/concerns are now behind me.

In other news, Texas just opened vaccination appointments up for people 50+. I’m not only glad we’re expanding the opportunity, I’m glad that I don’t have to compete for appointment times with that much larger group of people. Our median age in the county is about 33 years, so we’re still working on the top half. (Note, in the graphic below, blue represents male and red represents female, so we are nearly equally split in all age groups.)

I hope that you are, and will continue to stay, safe. Thanks for checking in.