My RA Drugs

Drug Type Start Stop
Methotrexate 35 mg DMARD 7/12/2008 9/15/2008
Humira TNF Blocker 1/15/2009 8/12/2009
Simponi TNF Blocker 8/12/2009 12/9/2009
Enbrel TNF Blocker 12/9/2009 4/18/2011
Enbrel + 10 mg leflunomide TNF Blocker 4/18/2011 2/1/2012
Orencia + 10 mg leflunomide T-Cell 2/1/2012 10/16/2013
Cimzia + 20 mg leflunomide TNF Blocker 10/16/2013 3/19/2014
Xeljanz + 20 mg leflunomide JAK Inhibitor 3/19/2014 8/28/2014
Remicade + 20 mg leflunomide TNF Blocker 8/28/2014 12/28/2014
Kineret Interleukin-1 12/28/2014 present

3 thoughts on “My RA Drugs”

  1. Hello Carla
    Sounds like we have some common health issues. I have been on about every drug ever made and Rituxin has been the answer to my RA. Unfortunately it was not available 30 years ago as most of my meds are now treatment for the degeneration.
    I found your site in a search of Buzz Burkhead. I have some questions and would like to communicate by email if you have time.
    Best of luck and hope to you on fighting this disease.

  2. Have you looked into MTHFR? So sorry for what you are going though! My sister also has RA – very bad case.

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